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  • Standard 11

    Standard 11TH

    Studying without coaching or self-studying is great but at times can be very confusing and stressful for students who have just completed their 10th Standard Examination. It is a stepping stone towards higher education which shapes their Career and moulds them in Acheiving their Future Goals.

    We emphasize on making students who have just completed their 10th standard examination and seeking higher education analytically strong, so that they garner interest in numerical solving skills. The 11th syllabus of NCERT/CBSE is covered before their annual examination in a unique way to prepare them for JEE and MEDICAL Entrance Examinations.

  • Standard 12

    Standard 12TH

    On completion of the 11th standard, students become quite familiar with problem solving skills in Physics.

    We make the student ready for the 12th Board Exam as well as the JEE & Medical Entrance Examination by covering the entire syllabus with a thorough practice in problem solving. We ensure that students gets to solve more practical problems so that they are well prepared.


    NEET / JEE Entrance

    Most of the students lag in their Physics preparation for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations. The ongoing digitalization and automation of coaching practices is rapidly changing the landscape of coaching and (health-related) self-improvement. The Present coaching system makes it difficult for end users (Students) to grasp how they should relate to their career building. No one cares about their problems and problem solving abilities. IDA Physics Unique, Tested and Successful Concept to promote students specially for their Entrance Examination and hence helps to enhance & cope with their problems with vectored approach. Students will be prepared to work logically and analytically for Solving Physics numericals and problems focused specially for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations.

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